• What is it about Grian?

 #42  by UnknownStreamer
Not sure if this is the right place to put this so moderators feel free to move it if needed.

So i got to thinking and wondering why Grian is so popular. I mean obviously his content is amazing - but why exactly and what can we learn from him? So i decided I was going to start breaking down his episodes to try to figure out the secret sauce. I hope you guys will also chime in and either contribute your thoughts to the videos I analyze or pick a video yourselves to also dissect. I think we could learn a lot by doing this.

So here goes (and I opted to start with season 7)

Season 7, Episode 1

  • Creative intro which carried over from prior season rocket w/boat to landing
  • Basic resource gathering, takes us with him to find a place to build
  • Funny encounter trying to tame parrot that he then names and brings with (will it be recurring "prop"?)
  • Finding a good hill to build into
  • Very brief time lapse of clearing base so he can build there
  • Finding zombie spawner
  • Spectator mode type of mining time lapse
  • Shows organized chest results of mining with commentary
  • Zombie spawner prank on Scar (most video time spent on this)
  • Watches results of prank and brief talking to Scar
  • Discussion about hobbit hole door and window. (Likes/needs)
  • Enchanting items, xp farm and done.

    So that's the kind of flow to the first video.

    - He does a lot of switching from 1st person to 3rd person views.
    - His narrative is so relaxed and conversational and really brings the viewer along on the journey so they also feel invested, so to speak.
    - Not a lot of time spent showing the actual building process. More a walk through afterwards or explanation of why's.
    - It feels like his narration is mostly legitimate as he goes along rather than voiceover, but not 100% sure on that.

    That's my thoughts on this first episode. Hope this helps and hope others share their views as well!
 #45  by Putnam
So I have to be honest here... I actually haven't really ever managed to watch much (if any) of the hermitcraft episodes, so this has actually been a much needed kick to do so. Your episode breakdown was actually really helpful just to kind of see how he bullet points things. I always feel like episodes have to be "action packed" but i think Grian proves that story telling is more important than anything. He seems to be one of those people that can be doing not much of anything and yet it's still interesting to watch.

Also his build time seems to be either very quick time lapse or more of an after build walk through and thought/discussion. Again, i always have felt like i have to record the majority of the build to include but maybe not so much? Will be interested to see if he follows the same line as episodes and builds progress.

Let's keep going with this ... would love to hear more input as well.
 #59  by UnknownStreamer
CarrotHead wrote: Sat Sep 03, 2022 11:24 am I think it's the accent! hahaha He's just lighthearted and fun and i love his pranks. Not to mention that he is such a good builder. He just comes across as a regular nice guy.
Yeah that's accurate. I feel as though some of the draw as well is the fact that he makes you feel like you are tagging along with him as he goes... Its not like he's talking at you - he's talking with you along the way. That's how I feel anyway.

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