• 13 Myths that DESTROY small channels

 #56  by Putnam

  • VIdeo Length vs Session Time
  • Text on Thumbnails (text limit 2-3 words) Convey solution not mystery
  • Gaming thumbnails - lead with game visual point of interest rather than self
  • Use associated elements in thumbnails
  • If you're worried about tags, you're worried about the wrong thing
  • Tags are meant best used to target common mispellings & best used for keyword resarch
  • Videos are all treated invidiually. A bad performing video doesn't hurt overall channel.
  • Over time if your videos no longer appear in a users watch history, YouTube may stop recommending them
  • Titles - curiosity inducing, not clickbaity
  • Not clickbait if you deliver value
  • Subscriber count doesn't better promote videos
  • Subscriber count vs video views (see note below)
  • It's not the number of videos you have, it's the quality of videos.
  • YouTube shorts do not hurt a channel, However, views on shorts doesn't mean YouTube will recommend long form content
  • How to make money on YouTube
  • Trending section on YouTube. Smaller channels can get in.
  • Publish your content when your viewers are online
Around 12:10 in the video: Consider someone subscribes to your channel then doesn't watch any of your content for 6 mos. Whereas another (new) viewer watched something from you a few days ago. Who is YouTube more likely to suggest that video more to? It's not the subscriber, it's the person who's directly engaging with the content. That is seen in channels that get more views than they have subscribers. It shows YouTube has successfully tested it with the core audience of the channel and now they are testing it with new audiences and they're getting positive signals and it builds up that snowball effect of more viewers being shown your content.
 #57  by Putnam
@OmegaX The note on the bottom of the video recap is exactly what we were talking about the other day. Ironically, @Bob just posted the exact same question as well. Channels with large subscribers but low video views vs channels with low subscribers and higher video views.

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